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Simplicitycontrol is committed to provide a variety of quality merchandise for customers. By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best products in the Market. Take a look at what we currently offer, and get in touch to order or learn more.

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Albedo Silver

Cable are make with pure Silver and Monolith Silver. The benchmark we try to achieve consists of fidelity, linear characteristics, naturalness and high, so to say, culture of the sound. We experiment with many insulation materials, geometry of conductors and different types of connectors as well as the way they are equipped. Our motto is: if something is possible it should be tried.

DS Audio

DS Audio is Analog  Phono cartridge manufacturer making the world only optical cartridge instead of conventional phono cartridge using coil and magnet. Like any Phono Cartridge, DS audio optical cartridge still use a stylus to pick up the signal hidden in the groove of the vinyl.


EMMLabs is an expert in DAC using in house bit Stream DAC over conventional off the shelf Chip or PCM DAC. Beside DAC, they are also great designer in Analog Pre and Power amp. Today, EMM Labs converter systems are the de facto DSD reference of the recording industry. Currently, almost every new SACD in production is being made with our DSD converters.

ESD Acoustic

ESD Acoustic is all-horn system comprised of unprecedented carbon fiber round horns and field coil drivers has breached the shackles of conventional technologies and materials, bringing unrivaled high fidelity listening experience to our customers.

Göbel High End

Göbel High End a speaker manufacturer best know for their Bend wave Technology resided in Munich Germany. They build the Aeon & the Divin Series Speaker that is well receive by the industry for their performance and their beautiful Piano Finish cabinet.


hORNS brand is connected with love to unusual sound and non-standard design. Their speaker is unique and affordable, sound is lively and the high efficiency and high 8 ohm impedance is great to using with both solid state and low power single ended amplifier.

J Sikora

J Sikora is a Turntable maker which build their hardware rarely done by the others. They used up to 6 different materials in a single product to break up the resonate of each metal which create very clear and neutral sound. They also created the world first Kelvar material tone arm with the Albedo make tone arm cable.


KECES is a specialised company building Transformer and without any surprised, they make the Balanced Power conditional distributor and Linear power Supply. They also build some very affordable analog amplification device like Integrated, phono, pre and power amp.

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The first thing that distinguishes a Kronos turntable is its two equal mass platters, rotating opposite each other. We call this the dual platter counter-rotating revolution. It is a means by which the vibration inducing torque force, present in suspended turntables is eliminated. The result of this design is a suspended platform particularly well isolated from environmental and mechanical noise while maintaining unequalled stability.


Luxman is a 95 years old Japanese Audiophile manufacturer and famous for their clear and rich sonic. They make Integrated amp, CD players,  Pre/Power amp and also turntable. They are very affordable and product sound that can take on more than twice their competitors. It is still the most wanted brand in Japan and likely to be around the world.


Magico was created over a decade ago for the sole purpose of leading a no-holds-barred assault on what is possible in contemporary loudspeaker design.

Inspired by the unique vision of industrial designer Alon Wolf, every Magico speaker is designed against the standard of perfect audio reproduction - live music

Pilium Audio

With a background of many years as audiophiles, we founded PILIUM AUDIO so as to state how the perfect reproduction of recorded music should be. Our purpose is to achieve ultimate musical fidelity with no compromises, no artificial enhancements for the truly demanding audience.

Stunning resolution, exceptional transparency, organic vocals, sensational dynamics… These are the ingredients of PILIUM AUDIO sound.

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The soulution brand for premium audio was created by Spemot’s two managing directors Cyrill Hammer and Roland Manz, both of them passionate high-end audio hobbyists.  Having owned and heard top amplifiers produced by US and Japanese manufacturers, they resolved to lay down a challenge and build a family of audio products that would set a new and even higher benchmark.


Best equipment need the best isolation platform to extract every single note of the music.. This is no medical converted platform but a serious platform make by Jerek (theoretical physicist working on quantum theory) and his partner (own a machine shop that build supply to their naval equipment) exclusively for audio uses. Their rack is modular and weighs up to 550kg for a double three tier rack without platform. 


Every finely crafted VAC instrument is refined to bring music to life with stunning vividness and realism and to convey music with the very breath of life present in the recording studio or concert hall. VAC products are masterpieces because they allow each recorded performance to be heard with the musical authenticity the musicians intended.

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